What We Do NOT Do


    1. Barn Cats does not take kittens. They can be carried off by a hawk in the daytime or an owl at night.  Cats should be 8 months or older.
    2. We do not take solid white cats. They reflect moonlight and would be a target for Mr. Coyote who is also nocturnal.
    3. Barn Cats does not take un-sterilized cats. We cannot contribute to the feline over-population problem.
  1. Only cats with current rabies vaccinations are accepted into the program. The highest rate of rabies in Texas is in our North Texas area.
  2. We do not take cats who could be trapped, neutered, and released (TNR). Those cats are not in danger and are better off being returned to their current living situation.
  3. Cats are brought to us in Lewisville, Texas on a pre-arranged schedule. We cannot travel all over our 37 county territory picking up cats at homes, warehouses, and veterinary clinics.
  4. Barn Cats does not take friendly cats. There are plenty of other groups that support that mission.
  5. We will not release cats to a barn owner or any other individual unless they are a know member of a partner organization who is organizing the relocation. (visit the LINKS section of this website)