Aug 27, 2015 State of the Kitties Report

Relocations and In Take

Our Cats after Release

Bad Calls/Emails: Stop the Breeding

BMG (Bitch/Moan/Groan): Road Rage

OMG (Oh My God): UPDATE: Cats placed in Graham


Relocations and In Take: Placed 11 this week.

2          Barn in Flower Mound (Bev and Bob)

1          Adoption Group (Ducky)

8          Bonham Rescue

Our Cats after Release:  

  1. Pilot Point – Fergie and Freddy are having a great time in Pilot Point. These guys developed a diarrhea when first placed so I pick them up and treated them for 2 weeks. Now the diarrhea is gone and they have a forever home in Pilot Point. They continued to hiss at me but let the barn owner pick them up!   This was the right place for them.
  2. Dallas – 6 cats from Clifton, TX were placed at the horse boarding/riding stable. The cats are being elusive but the food is disappearing.
  3. Tolar – Batman, Robyn, Oreo, and Bandit went to this barn south of Granbury. They are seeing one of them on a regular basis but lots of food is disappearing. I advised them to put up a game camera like the barn owner in Graham.
  4. Copper Canyon – King and Tom (2 friendlier cats) went to live with this family just outside Lewisville. It is a workshop right in back of the house…and…THEY PUT IN AIRCONDITIONING FOR THE CATS!   OK – great move! THANKS!

We put some cats at a ranch in Frost, TX in the spring. She sent pictures the other day. These cats came from Commerce, TX I think. There was also a torti but no picture of her.


Bad Calls/EMAILS: Stop the Breeding

There are a bunch of cats living in a storm drain in a community in the southern end of the Metroplex – bet there are lots of storm drains with cats around Dallas/Fort Worth! The cats have been there long enough to have kittens several times. How the caller wants to get them out of there – all the kittens have died! I just hate these calls. She can get the vet work done for free somewhere but has just never done it. I told her (like I tell everyone this time of year), I can help you in September but not now. Get them sterilized and STOP THE BREEDING, continue to feed them, and I can take them in September. Wonder if she will do it….???

BMG: Road Rage

We drove the new Chisholm Trail Parkway down to the Cleburne area. When I took the exit, there was a white truck on the far side of the toll road which is 6 lanes at that point. I made the right hand turn and continued west. When I looked in my mirror, all I could see was the grill work on that white truck. Well, he took the phone number off our truck and left a nasty message. “We need to learn to drive. You cut me off. If I had been an 18-wheeler, you would be dead now.” I know it was him by the time stamp on the message when I got home. He called later that night – up close and personal – to let me know he was still pissed. You know – he needs some anger manager classes or something. He was not even close when I made that turn AND there were other cars in front of me. GO FIGURE!

OMG: UPDATE: Cats placed in Graham

From last week:  Poof, Pumpkin, Dana, and Jimmy were placed in this barn in Graham. Only Jimmy is making himself seen currently but I would be willing to bet the other 3 are still around. We shall see…

UPDATE: The barn owner put out a game camera and YES all three that she has not seen are still around. This is Poof, Pumpkin, and Dana. She is seeing Jimmy. BEST NEWS EVER! (love the butt shots)


Poof enjoying the feeder


Pumpkin dining in


Dana’s Diner

xgraham jimmy

The color picture is of Jimmy when at Barn Cats.


I have been trying to purchase a new Ford Transit Connect since July 4th. It has been one thing after another with the “fleet” department. Finally a regular sales person took over and we got the deal done. I left our first transit connect at the dealership on Friday. I miss it!   But we will get the new one next week after some adjustments are made. Then we will need to get it wrapped…another struggle! This is the first TC!

xvihicle2 xvehicle

Thanks for following the Barn Cats Blog. See you all next week.     Peg