Volunteers are the backbone of any organization. Barn Cats is an all-volunteer animal welfare group that specializes in the relocation of feral and semi-feral cats to safe barn homes. We are based in Lewisville, Texas.

  • When we do a relocation of some cats, we leave Barn Cat flyers for neighbors and friends of the barn owner. That is how we get the majority of our barn calls. We need volunteers to just print off a few and blanket an area where there are barns.
  • We also get barns from word-of mouth and by volunteers putting our Barn Cat flyers in veterinarian clinics (especially large-animal vets) and feed stores.
  • Folks are needed to pack the van and deliver the cats and cages to the various barn sites. This could be an 4 to 6 hour adventure given distances traveled.
  • Folks are needed on Saturdays and Sundays to pick up equipment after the cats have been released and then clean and stack it back in Lewisville.
  • There are phones to be answered and calls to be tracked. We get barn calls, cat release calls, equipment loan calls, and referral calls.
  • If you live in or around Lewisville, volunteers are needed to do the “glamorous” job of scooping litter and cleaning cages of the ferals that are awaiting relocation. This one is never-ending!

None of this is BRAIN SURGERY but it takes time and attention. All of the barn cat volunteers hold full-time jobs and give what ever time they can. Every minute of your time will be spent doing something worthwhile to help these “forgotten” cats.

Our volunteers could spend time with an adoption group but do not want to be “tempted” to take a cat home. Our cats will “eat your face” given the opportunity but our volunteers like it that way. No one has ever been hurt because we take no chances. Occasionally a cat gets loose in the cat rooms but we “wrangle” it back into a cage.

If you can help, send an email to patkerson@verizon.net or leave a message at 972-742-5238.

The Cats Thank You!