The Program

“Non-Toxic Pest Control”

Barn Cats works through rescue groups and individuals who trap feral cats and maintain feral colonies of “community cats”. These cats are all sterilized and eventually placed at pre-approved barn sites. Once the cats are accepted into the Barn Cats program, they become the responsibility of Barn Cats to find a safe, secure location for them to live out their lives. These are the “forgotten” cats in our society. Barn Cats give them a second chance to have a happy live. If they end up at a municipal animal services location, they do not get that second chance!

Cats are placed in cages at the barn site for an adjustment period of one to two weeks. While caged, they become familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of their new environment and understand that this location their new source for food.

Cats are territorial creatures. They will usually maintain a home base once their scent has been established, a continuous food source is provided, and they feel safe. A group of three cats placed on a farm south of Dallas, travel to three neighboring barns but always return to their “home” barn for food and relaxation.

Supporting a barn cat is the safest way to control the rodent population in your barn. There are no poisons for children and pets to get into and no need to set nasty traps. When you poison a rodent, you do not know WHERE it is going to die. I have seen many locations with their walls torn apart trying to find a decaying rat body. You should immediately see less critters and their droppings in your barn or stable even during the caged adjustment period. Also, snakes come into your barn looking for mice/rats to eat. When the rodent are gone (thanks to the cats), the snakes go to your neighbors barn.