Acceptable Barns

Here are some of the criteria that make a barn acceptable for the relocation of our cats:

  1. A barn behind the family home is the best situation. There are people close by and they tend to spend more time talking to the cats. Usually this means that the barn is far removed from any busy street/highway.
  2. There are plenty of “hiding” spots for the cats after they are released. Are there rafters for the cats to get to if chased by another animal? Can they get under bales of hay or on top of a shed? An older barn is sometimes better that a newer barn.
  3. The barn can be closed up. Some are more like sheds with one or two open sides. This situation does not usually provide enough protection for the caging during the relocation period. However, each situation is unique.
  4. Riding or boarding stables are usually good because people are there each and every day. The best situation is where a ranch hand or manager lives on the property. These cats are used to being feed by people and expect to see someone each day.
  5. A shed or garage with a cat door can provide good protection for a cat. Their food and water would be kept there as well as a hide-a-box and they would be safe from dogs and other predators.